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What happens to bodies used in medical research? How far have we come since the days of mass grave robbing? Where will we go in the future? Join us to explore all these questions and more!
Breaking the Binary has been created by Cat Lane as part of a practical dissertation to explore the diversity of non-binary identity, understanding and presentation in Leeds. This permanent online exhibition showcases stories and opinions of the participants involved in the project, through interview video clips, photos, quotes and artwork. We want to show that there…
Join us in this webinar with curator and academic Janaina Oliveira as she shares with us her experiences of Black film curation in Brazil and beyond.
The Fragile Deep is an exhibition created by MA students from the University of Leeds, using resources from the Biodiversity Heritage Library.
Advertising has often played on the idea that to be beautiful you have to be healthy and vice versa. This exhibition looks at a selection of adverts from the 19th and 20th century and explores the link between health and beauty.
Whose Image? is an online exhibition of the images of Indonesian women during the Dutch colonial period.
Feeling bored at home? Now is the best time to visit an exhibition at home to bring you calm and joy.
Working with the Smithsonian Collection, this online exhibition asks you to question the importance of authenticity.
What can you do to decolonise? Visit this online exhibition to get some clarity!
This exhibition illuminates an eclectic collection of jewellery, parts of swords, coins, and other items of value demonstrating Yorkshire’s connections with the rest of the world across 2 millennia.