Following Michael Saward’s exploration of democracy as a design challenge, this workshop will ask – what democratic design challenges do we face in Museums, Galleries and Heritage?
This talk is part of the Museum Legitimacies Event Series 2021-22, Professor Michael Saward will consider how looking through the lens of democratic design helps us to open up our ideas about what democracy can be, how it can be planned and reformed.
In this event we have invited Ed Vaizey to reflect on the last 18 months taking a particular focus on the implications for the arm’s length principle.
This keynote lecture from Dr Mark Westgarth forms part of the Jewish Country Houses’ project workshop: ‘Jewish Dealers and the European Art Market, 1850 – 1930’.
Our speaker this week is Professor Thea Pitman, Professor of Latin American Studies, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies.
In this talk, Dr Dominic O’Key will share insights from his research and reflections on working with a museum to negotiate the challenges of the Sixth Mass Extinction Event and climate crisis.
Join us in this webinar with curator Sandra Benites as she shares with us her experiences of indigenous art curation in Brazil.
Join us in this webinar with curator and academic Janaina Oliveira as she shares with us her experiences of Black film curation in Brazil and beyond.
Find out more about working in the museum, gallery, heritage or cultural sector from professional freelancers with varied experiences in this free online seminar.