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MA students from the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies use the world’s open access collections to tell stories of provenance in this set of 10 online exhibitions.
Curated by MA students, this exhibition uses the Science Museum Group collections to explore the complex question of freedom and women’s agency.
Curated by MA students from the University of Leeds, Onus exists to bring to the forefront five different ways objects have appeared in The Met’s art collection.
An online exhibition exploring the ways in which textiles signify beyond their visual imagery to tell us about the socio-political context that influenced their creation. 
This exhibition brings to light the power of language, highlighting the ways that colonisers utilised it in order to subordinate and ‘other’ the colonised. Shocking at times, and subtle at others, we invite you to investigate the impact of words.
With the open access of the Getty Museum, MA students at the University of Leeds present this exhibition focusing on the museum’s generally overlooked collections with uncertain provenance.
How would you feel about having your intimate belongings on display to the public? Personal Belongings is an exhibition which explores this question and reflects on how much of ourselves we share with others.
This exhibition – curated by MA students and inspired by the Rijksmuseum collections – explores the significance of dining by demonstrating its importance in depicting changing moral codes through art.
How has creativity changed the way protest is manifested? Beyond the songs and slogans, everyday objects infused with messages of protest march with the people in every protest, voicing the people in a way different from words, for change, and for a better world.
A Matter of Taste is an online exhibition focusing on the representation of families at the Yale Centre for British Art, and how this has been shaped by the Paul Mellon collection.