Auto Agents

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Auto Agents is an exhibition curated by the AaA collective, a group of five people with learning disabilities. It explores what it means to be independent by making your own decisions, which comes from the collective’s personal knowledge and experiences around the continued lack of choice and control many people with learning disabilities face.

Led by PhD candidate Jade French, the exhibition forms part of the AHRC funded Art as Advocacy at the University of Leeds, in collaboration with self advocacy group Halton Speak Out and Bluecoat’s own inclusive arts project Blue Room.

Auto Agents features new work by artists from The Royal Standard studio in Liverpool. This includes an interactive artwork by James Harper that sees audiences controlling a sculpture through various independent mechanisms, as well as a limited edition book designed by Mark Simmonds. As well as these new commissions, Auto Agents also features the work of London-based artist Alaena Turner for the first time in Liverpool.

Read Jade’s blog piece about the exhibition here.