Heritage Show + Tell: 24 October 2013

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Heritage Show + Tell is a chance for people passionate about heritage in Yorkshire to come together and share their work, get feedback on ideas and meet new collaborators.  Everyone welcome: community heritage groups, freelancers, museum professionals, students and academics.

The next Heritage Show + Tell will be hosted by the Discovery Centre in Leeds on Thursday 24 October. Join us for a tour of the Discovery Centre at 4pm, followed by Heritage Show + Tell from 5pm to 7pm.

If you’d like to come to either the tour or the Heritage Show + Tell event, register with Helen Graham, ccsmghinfo@leeds.ac.uk

4.00-5.00pm Tour of the Discovery Centre Collections Store

5.00-7.00pm Heritage Show + Tell
We have six three minutes presentations followed by lots of opportunity to meet and mingle.  Speakers include:

Hannah Kemp (Armley Mills, Leeds Museums and Galleries) ‘The Colour Garden’

Sheila Asante and Diane Saxon (The Mercer Art Gallery, part of Harrogate Museums & Arts) ‘The People’s Choice’

Catherine Callinan (City Varieties) ‘Behind the Scenes: Developing Audio Visual Interpretation at City Varieties Music Hall’

Bhavisha Kukadia (Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds) ‘Augmented reality technology in the museum/gallery space’

Kitty Ross (Abbey House Museum, Leeds Museums and Galleries), ‘A Snapshot of Yorkshire’

Regina Lee Blaszczyk (School of History, University of Leeds) ‘The Enterprise of Culture: the business history of fashion since 1945’

Heritage Show + Tell is funded through the University of Leeds Cultural and Creative Industries Exchange and co-hosted by Centre for Critical Studies in Museums, Galleries and Heritage and the Centre for Collaborative Heritage Research

For more information, see our blogsite.