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Postgraduate Researcher Presentation Series — Benjamin Jenner and James Goodchild

Tuesday 2 February 2021, 18:00
Online event

Please join us for the first in a new series of presentations from current Postgraduate Researchers based in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.

This week we will welcome Benjamin Jenner and James Goodchild. The event will take place on Zoom and all are welcome.

The series is designed to establish dialogue between individuals with similar research concerns whilst enabling all attendees to gain an insight into the breadth of enquiry currently being conducted across the school.

By bringing two presenters together in this way, it is hoped conversation will be stimulated and maintained well beyond the virtual walls of the auditorium.

Benjamin Jenner

Benjamin Jenner is in the second year of a practice-led PhD. Their research is concerned with developing non-visual conceptions of space that have the potential to be used as tools for navigation by the blind and partially sighted. The research and development of these tools originated in haptic surfaces and has evolved into an examination of the operational function of language use in the process of orientation without vision.

Benjamin's presentation is concerned with relaying a collaborative project undertaken at the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

James Goodchild

James Goodchild is in the first year of a practice-led PhD. Their research asks how the metre of cynghanedd (a welsh poetic form) might be used to create arborescent displays within their photographic practice.

James's presentation will explore how a language found within the North Welsh landscape affects our understanding of hiraeth, a word that describes a sorrowful separation from a homeland.

How to book

For a link to this event, or for more information about the series, please contact Benjamin Jenner  or Gemma Plumpton.

The intention is that these presentations will operate on a monthly basis during term time. It is also the intention that they should not only be the province of Postgraduate Researchers but that staff might also wish to present in a similar way.


TOOLBOX, DOING/THINKING, 2020.  Courtesy of Benjamin Jenner.