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Weaving the threads together

PhD research
Registrar Programme

In a new blog post, Postgraduate Researcher Stuart Bowes reflects on the growing intersection of his key research themes, as his collaborative PhD with the Royal Armouries draws to a close.

"The last few months have seen a series of endings for me. At the end of April, I finished my year-long placement within the registrar department at the Royal Armouries.

"In May, I had an article published that I had been working on for a year and a half. In June, I attended the final cohort event organised by my funding body. Perhaps most ominously, I have just submitted the first draft of the conclusion to my thesis.

"Together, these events seem to neatly encompass many of the themes central to my collaborative doctoral project from its outset – museum practice, impact, networks, and, of course, writing.

"As I approach the final stages of my PhD, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on these key issues and how they have intersected in the course of my efforts."

Read Stuart Bowes' latest blog post — Weaving the threads together — on the Registrars: Training for the Future blog.


Exhibit in Royal Armouries. Photographed by Andy Lord. Image © University of Leeds.