We are a collective of researchers interested in museums, galleries and heritage.

The Centre is based in the School of Fine Art History of Art and Cultural Studies and is open to any member of the University of Leeds who shares our research interests.

We come together to explore the nature of museums, galleries and heritage, facilitate research, build network s and create a dynamic context for students studying with us at all levels.

Wordcloud image for the Centre for Critical Studies in Museums Galleries and Heritage

We research art galleries, museums and heritage as places and practice to explore wider questions such as:

Dynamics of Change:  Key words: Generative / emerging / resonance / digital heritage / social media / popular culture.

Politics of  Organizing: Key words: institutions / infrastructure / systems and the systemic / decision-making / political theories of democracy and anarchism / the legacies of colonialism and decolonisation practices / models of growth, ideas of degrowth and alternative economic and political models.

Ontologies: Key words: time / nature-culture / human-more-than-human / participatory approaches to ontology / pluralising ways of knowing and being.

Many of us do this through:

Action: through practice-based or led research, through doing, through engaging with political urgency

Experimentation: through trying out different forms and modes of writing

Participation: through working with others and seeking to activate collective potential