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Past research projects

Approaching cultural value as a complex system: Experiencing the arts and articulating the city in Leeds

Bradford’s National Museum: Methods for re-founding ‘inter/national’ museums translocally
Helen Graham

Co-producing cultural policy
Liz Stainforth

Co-producing legacy: What is the role of artists within Connected Communities projects?

Danish Golden Age Painting
David Jackson

Developing a Co-Produced, Digital and Living Archive of Learning Disability History

Ethics and Legitimacy of Community Engagement, Contemporary Collecting and Co-production in Museums and Heritage

‘How should decisions about heritage be made?’ Connected Communities Co-design Development Grant

Hunslet and Holbeck Heritage Project
Mark Westgarth

In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
Claudia Sternberg

Intersecting Practices: assessing the role and impact of contemporary art in heritage spaces
Nick Cass

Legacies of War: Culture and the Arts
Claudia Sternberg

Mapping contemporary art in the heritage experience: Creation, Consumption and Exchange

Museum Studies Now?

Nordic Art. The Modern Breakthrough.
Professor David Jackson, Hannah Heilmann, Jan Cox

Performing the Past
Mark Westgarth

ReVisioning the Brontës

The 20th Century Antique Trade: a cultural geography
Mark Westgarth

The Period Room: Museum, Material, Experience
Mark Westgarth

The Visionary Cross Project
Catherine Karkov

Travelling Objects

Ways of Knowing: Exploring the registers, values and subjectivities of collaborative research

Past postgraduate student projects

Relocation was a project in 2016 from MA Arts Management and Heritage Studies students, which showcased the unique heritage of the building currently under renovation as the new home for the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.