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The Visionary Cross Project

Catherine Karkov

Co-directed with Professor Dan O'Donnell (University of Lethbridge) and Dr Roberto Rosselli del Turco (University of Turin), this project is a case study in the future and implications of the digital edition. It both uses and critiques newly developed digital technologies in the study of a collection of important Anglo-Saxon monuments and texts: the eighth-century Ruthwell and Bewcastle Stone Crosses from the kingdom of Northumbria, the eleventh-century Brussels Reliquary Cross and the late tenth-/early eleventh-century Vercelli Book poems The Dream of the Rood and Elene from the south. These objects, which are connected to each other along a number of cultural and functional planes, are key examples of an interest in the Cross that spans the history and geography of Anglo-Saxon England.  More information on the project can be found at