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Flooding the Field

An online series of talks and discussions exploring interdisciplinary approaches to flood research

Flooding the Field is a short series of talks organised by a PhD research network called Floods; Living with water in the past, present and future. Funded by the White Rose College of Arts and Humanities (WRoCAH), the network is led by Dr Katherine Selby (University of York) and includes three PhD researchers:

  • Seb O’Connor from the University of Leeds (School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies)
  • Coco Neal from the University of Sheffield (Department of Archaeology)
  • Alex Jardine from the University of York (Department of Environment and Geography)

The purpose of this series of talks is to open up our network and create a wider community of researchers with an interest in fluvial and coastal flooding. The focus of each of the sessions will be to discuss both tensions and synergies between disciplines with the aim of understanding how interdisciplinarity can help us to think differently about practicing flood research in the future.

In the fourth and final week, we welcome participants to join us for an interactive mapping session that explores both the tensions and the synergies that will have surfaced over the series and beyond. It is our hope that this mapping exercise will highlight how we might collaborate as interdisciplinary flood researchers in the future.


Waterscapes. Jace Harrison Crowley, CG Artist,