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Under Sight

MA students
12 December 2022 - 6 March 2023
Online exhibition

Do you have the sense of the gaze in your daily life? The colonial gaze is not a new concept. It has been discussed for a long time and continues to persist in our society.

Under Sight is an online exhibition based on the Yale Center’s artworks, curated by MA students from the University of Leeds.

It starts with the historic perspective of the British on Indian people and landscapes, and then reflects on the iconic events of the colonial meaning in history.

Through a comparison between British artists’ and Indian artists’ artworks and the open questions posed to audiences, the student curators are trying to connect the past and the present from the visible history.

The exhibition aims to start a participatory dialogue to discuss invisible inequalities, to think about the gaze under the shadow of colonialism in the grey corners of the contemporary era.

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Under Sight is part of a wider series of exhibitions and projects undertaken by MA students from the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies as part of an Interpretations course module.

The exhibition link will be available here shortly.

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William Simpson, Elephant Battery 1864. Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection.