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Evaluating impact project

Having run the Registrars for the Future programme for just over 10 years, the next stage is to look at expanding the programme. In part, this is in response to requests to enable colleagues who are not based in Leeds to participate.

Before doing so, we are undertaking an evaluation of the programme's impact and have recently launched a research project working with three BA Liberal Arts students as part of a Research Placement module.  This is an excellent opportunity to combine the development of undergraduate research skills with developing our understanding of the benefits of the Registrars programme.

Using a mix of research methods, the students will work with the graduates of the Registrars programme, the delivery partners and the museums where they now work to produce an analysis of the impact of the programme.

Outputs from the evaluation project will include a research report, transcripts of interviews and if possible, short films and/or podcasts of interviews with the registrar graduates and the colleagues at the museums involved.

The journey of the students undertaking the evaluation can be followed in our blog.