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Emerging Writing Groups

There was a lot of interest in developing reading and writing groups that explore the entanglements of form and content in academic writing.

A range of different ideas for writing groups emerged from Generative Encounters. Two have a specific focus – Reading and Writing Bodies in Space and Autoethnography.

We will also run a more open process for anyone interested to find the right grouping for them, see Developing Writing Groups. Use the contact details below to join a group – we look forward to hearing from you.

Developing writing groups

We invite anyone interested in being part of a writing group to join us in working out what spaces we each need and might want to create. We’ll run a follow up event where we’ll work together to say what we want and so we find the right collaborators. We envision there might be a number of self-organising groups emerging from this event with different interests and focus.

If you are interested in joining this event contact Helen Graham or Laura Swithenbank.

Reading and Writing Bodies in Space

A reading and writing group, interested in exploring language as a spatial, temporal, social practice through the production of publications in a variety of formats (artist books, chapbooks, alternative cartographies, performance).

How might strategies be devised to suppress the prior-ness of the page's arrangement in order to enable into that space alternative forms of body-centred knowing? How might what appears in that space be affected by attention to a particular senses interpretive function?

The group aims to meet regularly both online and in person. Current member's interests lie in collective writing engagements, where each group member writes and reads in order to makes an important and unique contribution to the collaborative venture.

Please contact Benjamin Jenner or Dr Louise Adkins for more information.


Want to join a lively group of people for writing and discussion about autoethnography and the heritage sector?

We will share and discuss an extract of autoethnographic writing (100 - 200 words), followed by exploratory writing exercises and discussion.

There is a possibility to meet at innovative and unique heritage settings and hold hybrid in-person/online meetups writing about our experiences.

Topics might include: the psychological and emotional dimensions of heritage and its disciplines; the impact of museum organisational structures on staff; the gap between statement and reality/lived experience; exploring museum funding models and considering ways to make them more equitable; combing academic writing with personal experience.

If you are interested contact Solvig Choi.