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The ways the Hundreds has become (2020)

The Hundreds is a group who met first off in a classroom at a long oblong table. Busy, energetic, passionate, staking out ways and motivations for writing, or seeking to write otherwise. Morphing into excited discussions, sharing nuggets of work, personal favourites. Listening intently to the reading, coming for a break, to kickstart writing, drawing diagrams. The Hundreds is for sharing writing, learning about techniques and much more – a window into each other’s work. (Laura)

A menagerie of readers, writers, researchers, people - coming together to better understand how we can work with words, images and feelings to express our research. We read, we write, we fail, we triumph, share, laugh and sometimes go for a drink afterwards (before Covid-19 stopped the pub visits anyway) to decompress and revel in what we’ve just done. (Arran)

We search for different ways of knowing, asking what it is it to know, and how to language this knowing. And we read and hear (out loud) this relationship of inquiring, knowing, languaging and the affect that language has through listening to words, reading to oneself and sharing with others. (Anna)

The 'Hundreds' here means a hundred words which a group of us read together to explore different ways of writing from different writers, be they published work or personal reflections. (Bing)

Window onto colleagues’ research ideas and practices contained by limitation (perhaps) of 100 words. (Benjamin)

We explore writing like landscapes, spaces and beings with personality, life and agency. We join journeys, we follow others to viewpoints they’ve created, we look around with many eyes, we sense, we speak, we question. We dissect words and their work. What does a tone do, where does it get us, that letters don’t? (Julia)

We explore how the words we write, type, hear or feel can do more than simply convey meaning. We look at how ways of writing can enact alternative realities, gesture towards different ways of thinking or somehow get us closer to an object’s being. (Seb)

The Hundreds is a place where what academic writing can be is not taken for granted, where standards and quality are there to be remade, where form is argument, where resonances are insights, where ideas, like us, can be bound to the academic page and free. (Helen)

Reading, sharing, exploring voices and expressions, the hundreds explore writing and reading as challenge and adventure. Is the space to think critically and break the structures and words. Voices finding ways in the middle of scratched papers. (Victoria)